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What Is It About Scottsdale, AZ?

I overheard (some might call it eavesdropping but “eh” I’m a REALTOR it’s my business to keep my ears open and my mouth shut…at times) a couple asking a waitress, “What is it about Scottsdale, Az that makes people go crazy?” Mind you it took E.V.E.R.Y ounce of my will power to not jump into […]


Are you Prepared To Purchase A Home?

Do You Think You Are Prepared To Purchase A Home In Today’s Crazy Relaxing Market? According to Keeping Current Matters: Rising interest rates have begun to slow an overheated housing market as monthly mortgage payments have risen dramatically since the beginning of the year. This is leaving some people who want to purchase a home priced out of […]

Introduce Us!

Who Do You Know?

Who DO you know? The holidays are fast approaching and many family member and friends have started thinking about buying their own homes.  Who do you know that would love be roasting a turkey in their own home for Thanksgiving? Or decorating the outside and inside of their own home for Christmas?  My area of […]

Hot In Arizona.

Arizona getting hot in the summer is a known reality and worth putting up with. What isn’t worth putting up with is a crazy air conditioning system. Geese, I’m sweating…and I’m half Syrian, I don’t usually sweat. I guess the other Irish half isn’t having it today. I love the hot heat of Arizona, but at 115 degrees…this girl needs some cool air in the breezes!


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What Make Me…Me! Real Estate

Born and raised in the land of rolling wheat fields and knee-high corn by the 4th of July, I bring a combination of knowledge and tenacity to each real estate transaction.  My WWII veteran father taught me the importance of a spoken commitment while my stay-at-home mother taught me a sense of compassion and service to those around me.  Having served the community for 35 years in healthcare my transition to real estate allows me to serve my community closer to Home. My service area of expertise is residential real estate helping home sellers and home buyers.  I’m married to my husband of 36 years and we have two children and two furr-grandbabies.  God is first, my family and friends second, and everything else comes after that.  Welcome to my Family. Let’s Chat!

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