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My real estate website which I had created for me by Nick Krem from Content Cardz is my one stop shopping spot for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. You can make an appointment to talk to me about what your needs are by just clicking on a link on my site. And it’s easy. You just scroll until you find what you came to my site for.

Tina Marie Miller, Realtor

For instance, are you wanting to buy a home and don’t know where to start? Hint, click on the “contact a mortgage lender” button. There is a really great one there. And what makes it even better is their fee is only $595.00 to process your loan. That’s extraordinary! Also, if you are a veteran or are in the military they process your loan for “FREE”. Yes, you read that right. FREE. You don’t have to use this lender but their rates are great. Why do realtors say that getting pre-qualified is the first step? Read this. It’s good to be informed.

After you get your pre-qualification or pre-approval you can start actively looking for that dream home you want. So either skip over my Professional Bio link, or read it, then click on the “free home search” button. Ah. This is where the gold is. All of the homes on the market in Arizona’s Metro Phoenix Area (and a sprinkling of areas further outside, maybe). You can send me a message on the ones you like and we can discuss strategy on getting that perfect home for you.

But what if you aren’t looking to buy a home but instead have a home that you want to sell? And you aren’t sure what the market price is on it these days. Not to worry, I have a button for that too. Click on the “home evaluation” button and on the next page click the “contact” button on the upper right side of the page. Or just fill out the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll get right back to you!

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Growing up, as the daughter of a WWII Marine Veteran, I learned the value of honoring those who fought for our freedoms, taught our freedoms, protected our freedoms, and made sure we were secure healthwise to pursue our freedoms. Nothing is more important to me than serving these heroes in what will be one of the largest purchases of their life, that of buying a home where they can grow roots of their own. You aren't a client when you choose me to help find your home, you're family. How can I serve you?

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