Are You Giving Up The Equity In Your Home For The Sake Of Convenience?

Seriously people! Why do you want to pay Zillow, Opendoor, Homie, OfferPad, etc up to sometimes 20% in hidden fees to sell your home? They usually also offer you up to 30% BELOW market price.

In fact, they offered a past client of ours $100,000 less than market value. And then they wanted them to pay an additional 18% to do some work on the home and some additional “hidden” fees…

So, after showing them the value in their home they decided to try us first. And guess what? WE sold it in 6 days, with multiple offers, for $100,000 more than the iBuyer’s were going to give them. And their minor repairs only cost them around $700 out-of-pocket.

Is the convenience of having an iBuyer buy and sell your home for you worth it? Maybe in some situations but usually not for the majority of people. This is a seller’s market and RT Home Team would love to help you get the most out of your home for you.

Let’s schedule a call and talk.

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