Sedona, AZ

Byline: Tina Marie Miller

We had such a nice time in Sedona over the weekend celebrating our daughter’s 33rd birthday. How does time fly so fast? She was just this lil bitty 4.2 pound turtle a few days ago. I don’t know how she is older than me now, but don’t question my math, I will always be 29.

Hallie and Me at a Cubs game last year

The one thing that always amazes me about Sedona is the way you feel when you leave Phoenix and travel up north. For this Indiana girl, it is a needed escape at times. Not just to get away from the heat of the Valley (because I love the heat), but to find green. Growing up in Indiana I was surrounded by the feel of the country. I miss that at times. And the AirBnB we stayed at was phenomenal. The owner did not miss a beat in supplying views, appliances, a dream kitchen with everything you need, and endless supply of linens and bath towels, games, and, did I mention the views?

What I love about Arizona is the ability to be outside more months of the year than inside. We are basically summerville for 10 months out of the year in the Phoenix area. For a feel of snow it’s just a 2 hour drive north in December and January.

If you are thinking of moving to the Sedona area, or anywhere in the USofA for that matter, hit me up! I know great realtors in all 50 states I can get you in contact with. But I know the greatest, ever-under-the-sun, real estate agent in the Phoenix area. Yeah, it’s me, (insert shy blush), but let’s be real I know me, so I’m your girl. And my business partner is a rock-star at negotiating and getting other agents to succumb to her wiley wishes.

Here’s hoping you have a super hot and amazing day in the Phoenix area, a superb, breezy spectacular day in the Sedona area, and for all of you in the “it’s starting to feel like Fall and Winter states”, hang in there, winter only lasts for 6 to 7 months for all of you. You’ve got this. Or you could just move to Arizona and find the greatest, ever-under-the-sun, real estate agent in the Phoenix area to help you find your dream home. Yep, click on that link above.


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Growing up, as the daughter of a WWII Marine Veteran, I learned the value of honoring those who fought for our freedoms, taught our freedoms, protected our freedoms, and made sure we were secure healthwise to pursue our freedoms. Nothing is more important to me than serving these heroes in what will be one of the largest purchases of their life, that of buying a home where they can grow roots of their own. You aren't a client when you choose me to help find your home, you're family. How can I serve you?

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