It’s Been A Long, Hot Day For Real Estate In Arizona

This week I have been thinking about how to grow my real estate business. This market has been moving so fast in Arizona and you have to stay on top of the changes that happen weekly. I have started to see a shift in the buying and selling processes. Buyers seem to be slower at purchasing. And I question as to whether it is because of the increase in mortgage interest rates. But they really shouldn’t be afraid to buy right now because interest rates are only going to get a little higher and homes aren’t selling as fast… so more homes are on the market to choose from which hopefully will help in not having to compete with other buyers. Mortgage lenders also have some very creative loan options that would make purchasing a very great option. So, if you are thinking of purchasing now is the time. Ask me for a great lender! I know a few!

Today I was out checking on a clients new build. The construction crew was very welcoming!

I have also noticed an increase in homes on the real estate market. In Phoenix a week ago there were a little over 8000 homes for sale. Today there are 11,800 homes. Seller’s are selling. As a buyer, or seller, you can look for homes or check on your home’s value on my website…here. You can also set a time to talk about what you are looking for here on my Calendar.

I wanted to share some of the things I have been doing this week, in and outside of Real Estate. As an agent, I feel some days that I am always “on”, and it can be hard at night to wind down. So, I have started to work on my crafts, canning, and baking, and uh um…exercise; all things that I love to do but have a hard time into my busy schedule. Well, almost all things that I love, we can leave exercise off of that list. I do that because my husband signed us both up for a gym membership. I keep reminding myself that it’s because he loves me…

Recently I knitted this sweater which I have on my other website on Etsy. In reality, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a shivering person, asking them if they want to be warm…because I knit. And I love to knit. When I was younger I wanted to be a ballerina. Yeah. That really didn’t work out for me because I have zero rhythm. My Grandmother taught me to sew, knit and crochet around 50 years ago. (Yeah, I can’t believe I typed that out loud either). I didn’t really enjoy doing any of them until I was much older though.

I have also entered into the world of canning which I started this week. I had one jar of sweet corn saved for the end of the world, but it looked so good we ate it for dinner. My mom loved to can but I never wanted to learn. I wish I had been interested in this hobby when she was alive. So many missed memories that could have been made.

My dad was the baker in our family. He would make breads that would make your mouth water just smelling them bake. He made a killer Pizza Bread and I always got the first piece. Spoiled much? Yes. For two months, in 2020, I attempted to join the realm of Sourdough bakers. I even named the starter Sommer. Because that’s what sour-doughers do; don’t judge. But alas, Sommer didn’t like me and wouldn’t bubble up so I chucked her in the trash and have been making bread with this Amish bread starter that I found.

Having grown up near Amish country in Indiana, this seemed a little more comfy for me and the breads were turning out FANTASTIC! Daddy would be proud. This form of relaxing has become a daily hobby because my family won’t eat store bought bread anymore because this recipe is so good.

Isn’t it yummy looking? Slather some unhealthy butter on this puppy and you’ll need to exercise a little longer at the gym…I’m talking to myself here.

I am thinking about making a video of how to make this loaf. It really is that easy. Would YOU watch it? Let me know in the comments.

So, while Real Estate is my daily jam, I think tomorrow I might buy some strawberries and make jam for the bread I’m going to make. Yummy.

til later,

Tina Marie

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Growing up, as the daughter of a WWII Marine Veteran, I learned the value of honoring those who fought for our freedoms, taught our freedoms, protected our freedoms, and made sure we were secure healthwise to pursue our freedoms. Nothing is more important to me than serving these heroes in what will be one of the largest purchases of their life, that of buying a home where they can grow roots of their own. You aren't a client when you choose me to help find your home, you're family. How can I serve you?

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