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Who DO you know? The holidays are fast approaching and many family member and friends have started thinking about buying their own homes.  Who do you know that would love be roasting a turkey in their own home for Thanksgiving? Or decorating the outside and inside of their own home for Christmas?  My area of work is in Arizona, however, I know agents in all 50 states that I can connect buyers and sellers with.

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Since the market has shifted toward buyers, that’s really not surprising.  However, they still need a seasoned, local Realtor expert looking out for their best interest.  Additionally,  if they are thinking of buying a new build, your family and friends still need their own representation…remember the agent in the Model home is working for the builder. Who Do You Know?

Remember, before Covid-19 the interest rates were heading toward the upper 4%’s…so where we are now is not that bad. Buyers and sellers have just become accustomed to the Covid-19 lower rate. Click on the link above and talk to a Lender. I’ll stay in my lane…and just ask Who Do You Know?

Do one thing today to help me help them.  Connect your Who Do You Know people with me!

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Growing up, as the daughter of a WWII Marine Veteran, I learned the value of honoring those who fought for our freedoms, taught our freedoms, protected our freedoms, and made sure we were secure healthwise to pursue our freedoms. Nothing is more important to me than serving these heroes in what will be one of the largest purchases of their life, that of buying a home where they can grow roots of their own. You aren't a client when you choose me to help find your home, you're family. How can I serve you?

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