Hot In Arizona.

When your air conditioner in your Jeep decides to act up and stay hot instead of getting cool! You call the professionals in Arizona!

What We Know

Arizona getting hot in the summer is a known reality and worth putting up with. But what isn’t worth putting up with is a crazy air conditioning system. Geese, I’m sweating here…and I’m half Syrian so I don’t usually sweat. Apparently, my Irish half isn’t having it today. However, today’s hot heat of Arizona, was 115 degrees…and this girl needs some cool air in the breezes!

Solutions To The Heat

As a result of growing up in the Midwest, the Hoosier Hospitality State to be exact, I never have liked humidity. I mean really, who likes being dripping wet as soon as they walk outside? So, can I get a show of hands from the people who like humidity and mosquitoes? Now, if you raised hand, stop reading; this is not your story.

Nonetheless, give me this dry, hot heat any day over the humidity and mosquitoes; and please know I’m not hating on my home State, I just don’t want to live there again. Additionally, I love the crispness of Fall. Subsequently, and without fail, every Fall I start to miss the color changes, the cooler weather, and the snow of the Midwest. So, to get my “cold” fix, I know it’s just a short 2 hours to Jerome or 4 hours to Williams. So, for me, being hot in Arizona for two months is worth it.

Hot + Arizona = Monsoon

Thankfully, the end of the Arizona Monsoon season is in sight. However, are they magnificent while they are visiting our sweet State. Tap on the Monsoon link above to see other photos captured by the photographer. They are breathtaking.

Getting Hot In Arizona Escorts In Haboobs

These Haboobs, which in Arabic means “blown”, are gigantic dust pockets whipped up by the storms that create them. Seriously though, don’t even try to pretend that I’m in the same league as a meteorologist, so if you want to learn more about this fun fact follow this link.

How’s My Air Conditioning

I digressed a lot from the topic of my air conditioning not working because I was told it was “user error”… yeah, I didn’t have the right button pushed in to circulate the air properly. Hey, I’m a REALTOR, I don’t fix cars…stay in your lane.

What’s the one thing that you’ve heard about Arizona that would make you want to live here?

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